My Dog Rescue
December 1, 2010

Dog rescued from a box

Rescued dog

How can people be so mean to helpless animals?  While visiting my friends on Earth over Thanksgiving, I was taking a walk and Tra and I saw a dog abandoned in a box in the cold.  She had finished nursing her puppies and so the people who owned her just turned her out in the cold without anything.  She was shivering from the cold and was starving.  She didn’t even have water to drink.  The policemen had tried to catch her because they didn’t think she would be able to last in the cold being as thin as she was.  She was so scared that she wouldn’t let anyone near her – poor thing.

She is safe now in our friend Skeeter’s house and she is getting food and a warm place to sleep and lots of love.  I was so sad to learn from the Animal Care Center that they see a lot of animals who have been thrown away as if they didn’t even matter.  And some people do things to hurt them like drag them behind bikes, put cigarettes out on them or tie them up and never bring them food or water.  How can people do that?????  What do you think we can do to help more animals?  Please write me your ideas or tell me when you see me on the planet Sarrillion on

We named the dog we rescued Lucky Penny, because even though the people didn’t think she was even worth a penny, she has turned out to be a very lucky penny.  This is the 3rd day since we rescued her and she is already showing that she is a very nice dog!

What do you think we should do to help animals where you live? 


Skeeter has Desire Cloud Sickness!
September 28, 2009

Oh man, I don’t know what to do! Skeeter has Desire Cloud sickness and has been trying to steal kids’ passwords for the last two weeks! He’s still not better! I tried holding him prisoner in the Idea Seeker Park while I made a video telling everyone how they can help fight Desire Cloud, but he got away from me! Here, check out the video! This is really annoying and dangerous! Help me cure Skeeter!

Proud Cloud is on the attack!
August 21, 2009

Hey guys. I’m typing this from my hiding spot in the WowWee Alive Care Center on Washi. Proud Cloud has been all over Sarillion turning Idea Seekers and Allies into his Warrior Drones. I’m really worried because he’s been having a lot of success.

See, I started hiding here becuse I realized that all these cute animals needed to be fed while most of the Idea Seekers are distracted with fighting back against Proud Cloud. He’s been very clever! Not only does he have all his Warrior Drones saying stuff like “we’re too important to take the time to feed stupid animals, blah blah blah,” but when the Idea Seekers are spending all their time fighting his Warrior Drones, the animals don’t get fed either! He’s an evil genius!

So, here I am hiding out from Proud Cloud and taking care of the animals by myself. It’s ok–they’re super cute and great company! But you guys should still try to take some time to help care for them too. Check out the video I made for’s YouTube account and see how you can help fight Proud Cloud this week! And hurry! Tra and Spec stopped by to visit me and Spec had been turned into a Warrior Drone without us noticing! Fortunately our Hope and Humor Plant Babies helped us clear his mind, but who knows who else could get clouded next?

Spec’s Idea Seeker Park video
August 10, 2009


So I was over on the YouTube account because they made this really cool video about the Animal Adventure in the Field Museum. It’s a really cute, fun little video that shows you how you can help save the animals that are fleeing their wetland homes! Anyway, I finally watched Spec’s Idea Seeker Park video because a friend of mine told me to check out what Spec said about me in the video? Wha?

So I looked at it and he said that he wondered if I would make a video and then he blushed! What did that mean, do you think?

I didn’t have time to make a video this week because I was helping my father and his friends to promote The Legendary Starfy Aquarium, but what do you think he meant by that when he blushed?

I think I’m blushing now!

Meadow Lili’s cute animal feeding video
July 15, 2009

Meadow Lili made the most adorable video in the WowWee Alive Care Center! Check it out!

Tweeting and YouTubing
June 30, 2009

Hey guys! My friends at have started up accounts on YouTube and Twitter! Follow @ideaseekers on Twitter for tips, tricks, and things going on in the Idea Seeker Universe, and send a friend request or subscribe to OfficialKidsCom over on YouTube!

A lot of you have been making videos about your adventures on Sarillion, and we love them! We’ve started a playlist on YouTube for all our favorite idea Seeker- and Ally-made videos, so when you make a new one, send us a message on YouTube and we’ll add it to our playlist! It has to be nice though–nothing bad! Also, it’s important that you get your parents’ permission or have them help you while you’re playing on YouTube. My father, King Daveau, wants videos that show Idea Seekers and Allies working to fight the Darkness and the Clouds by making use of the Essence of Good within themselves!

Hope to see you out on the magical interwebs! Lol!

Hope Plant Baby Club Started
June 7, 2009

Hi Everyone!  My friends Aimee Lula, Meadow Lili, Jennea Karoo, Liza Rapid and Madie Dize are starting a Hope Plant Baby Club.  That is because we think the world needs more Hope!  When you feel bad or you think things are going wrong, just feed your Hope Plant Baby so she can walk with you and share messages of hope.  Today I felt sad about some animals that got hurt by kids being mean to them.  One boy put a rubber band around a ktten’s foot so tight that it cut off  all blood to her foot.  My friends at the animal shelter had to do surgery on the kitten’s foot.  First I wanted to get mad at the kids but then I realized it was only Angry Cloud trying to cloud be.  I think kids do mean stuff sometimes because someone is mean to them.  We have to stop the spread of Angry Cloud sickness causing people do to mean things.  So we are starting this Hope Plant Baby club to encourage kids to share hope.  If you leave me a message on my Blog here with your Idea Seeker name  – I will give you a gift for your Hope Plant baby or show me your Hope plant baby when I am in the Idea Seeker Universe and I’ll gift you when I see you!

Never give up and be good to all living things!

Exciting News – I’ve Got Visitors Coming
May 31, 2009

On my last trip to Earth I met up with some really cool people doing stuff to save the planet.  They are going to come visit us here on Planet Sarillion – leave me a suggestion on my blog where you think we should take them like the Beach or the Waterfall or the Deck or ????  And Spec is going to be back visiting from Machoo – I have asked my Plant Baby Hope to make sure I don’t say anything stupid in front of him on Tuesday!!!!!  Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of someone you thought was really cute?

I Don’t Get My Parents
May 21, 2009

I know my parents want the best for me and I do really love them, but sometimes they drive me crazy!  I mean just today I’m waiting outside for my fencing lesson to begin and Spec comes along and says hello.  I think he is really cute and I don’t know if he notices me or not, but my Father comes outside and says, “Well Spec, do you have girls as pretty as my daughter on your planet of Machoo?” 

Honestly, I could have just died.  How could my Father have said such a thing?????

Spec was so nice, he just winked at me and said to my Father, “King Daveau,  at risk of making Princess Kimma blush, I have to say that her beauty is talked about across the Idea Seeker Universe.  It is not just the way she looks outside, but it is her beauty inside — her kindness to animals, her constant fight against the Clouds that would make people mean and her helpful unclouding of people who have become warrior drones for the Darkness by bullying and name calling of others.  Her actions are what makes her someone you want to be around.”

OMG, can you believe he said that?  He is sooooo cute.

I don’t think my Father even heard because his next question was about Spec’s hovercraft and then they walked away together to go look at it.  Men!    Does anyone else’s Father say or do things that embarass them or is it only me?

OMG! Tra can be such a pig!
May 12, 2009

So I was hanging out with Spec the other day (yay!) and he was telling me all about how he and his sister Tra went to Kapokville to have a cookout and when they got there, all these Idea Seekers were already grilling and had this HUGE spread put together! Zador hot dogs, Super Burgers, the works! And I guess Tra just freaked out and started eating everything she could find! Lol! She usually doesn’t think before doing things (that’s why she needs TWO Patience Plant Babies!), but wow, Gluttony Cloud really did a number on her that time!

According to Spec, Gluttony Cloud’s been hanging out in Kapokville a lot ever since the weather on Sarillion started getting nicer. Yay, Spring is here! But watch out for that Gluttony Cloud…he wants everyone to overeat and get fat, and to do it while eating food that’s not grown locally and trucked in from long distances using all kinds of fossil fuels! Not good! Keep your Balance Plant Babies powered up!