Free Virtual Items!

Looking for where to find all the free stuff on Sarillion while making your daily rounds? Here’s a summary of all the fun free virtual items and points you can earn in the virtual world while fighting the Darkness and his Clouds!

Find the Hidden Seed Pod: Every week one of the Clouds of Chaos tries to steal the Seed Pods that can be sprouted into new Plant Babies! If you find and rescue the Seed Pod that the Cloud has hidden, you earn 500 Virtual Points! There’s a Seed Pod hidden once a week.

Baker’s Daily Special: Every day the chefs at the Royal Palace offer a free sample of Sarillion Wildflour Wheat Bread! Just find the bread table next to the Palace Kitchen and click to collect your free sample! You can use it to feed your Plant Baby so it can walk with you.

Super Snack Ingredients: You can find the free ingredients to make Super Snacks in three different locations:

  • The refrigerator in the Restaurant
  • The Super Snack stand in the Village
  • The Super Snack stand in Help Hut 2

You can feed these items by themselves to your Plant Baby, or you can combine them with items from the Hunger Fighting Stores to make Super Snacks that power up your Plant Baby all the way! You can get one free Super Snack item at each location every day. Read about how to make a Super Snack here.

Ring the Bell: Head to Washi Amusement Park in the Village and ring the bell for a free Virtual Item prize once per day!


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