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I’m Home!!! Let’s Party!!!
March 6, 2012

I can’t tell you how great it is to be home.  I soo missed my family and my friends.  Thank you to my friends the Idea Seekers Spec and Tra who came to my rescue on the planet Earth.  And to think I almost got turned into a Warrior Drone by Jealousy Cloud over thinking my best friend Tra was better than I was!  When I say it now, it sounds so stupid, but when the Darkness was trying to convince me that she was popular and I wasn’t and she didn’t care what happened to me, it certainly made me feel bad and I wanted to be mean to her (even though it didn’t feel very good inside).

Ugh, let’s talk about something better!  I hope I never become a Warrior Drone for the Darkness and do the mean and unkind things he says to do.  Have you ever been attacked by a Cloud, I couldn’t believe what happened.  It was like this, I went to Earth to help take care of some animals.  They have had really bad weather with floods and hurricanes and homes being torn apart.  People’s pets can get separated from them and get lost and scared.  Since I love animals so much, naturally I wanted to go help.  Skeeter, Spec and Tra were all with me.  Skeeter was playing the most amazing music.  He thinks that music can help anything, I think he is right do you?  It was working, people were calming down and we started to look around for animals that were lost and looked scared.  Tra was getting help from Spec with a rescue she was doing on her hovercraft – she is really good at flying already but Spec was helping her figure out some new tricks.  The next thing I knew I felt horrible – it was a like a cold clammy hand had me by the neck.  I know Spec is Tra’s brother so it makes sense he was helping her.  But I wanted him to notice me.  And then Skeeter started playing Tra’s favorite song.  The three of them didn’t even know I was there, and I had found three dogs and I needed help so they wouldn’t run away again.  I was calling out for help, but they were all too busy having fun.  I know this sounds stupid, but all of the sudden the Darkness took that opportunity to make me feel sorry for myself.  It seems like I always have to take care of things, or go to lessons and I never get a chance to just hang out and have fun.

Speaking of lessons…..I have to go, I’ll write again soon.  Before I forget Skeeter and Spec think we should have a welcome home party.  What do you think?  What would be fun to do at the party?  Can you give me some ideas?  Where should we have it – the Palace, the Beach, my room?

Your friend, Kimma



This new home page is gonna rock!
March 24, 2009

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t written much lately, but I’ve been super busy with my dad’s Idea Seeker Prophets! They’ve been working on the new Home Page for Idea Seekers and Allies! It’s gonna really help new visitors to Sarillion learn how to get around.

Everyone already has a new view of the yard in front of their House showing up on their Home Page now! What do you think? Do you like how it looks? Does it make getting around the site easier? My dad, King Daveau, wants to know what you think! Leave a comment!

I got my room back to normal…
February 17, 2009

…and it was a bit of work, but whew! All done. Thanks to everyone who came to the Valentine’s Day party over the weekend! That mean Proud Cloud and Jealousy Cloud tried to ruin it, but everyone kept their Plant Babies powered up and that kept everything running smoothly! Yay! It was a lot of fun.

My dad, King Daveau, tells me Proud Cloud’s still creeping around trying to cause trouble, though. Good thing he’s got a Training Mission set up to fight back against him this week! Last time I checked…hmm, let’s see…oh hey! Team Green Panda Bear currently has the most Team Points! Way to go guys! Keep it up and 10,000 Virtual Points will be yours! Hee, you could spend it all on clothes in my clothing shops if you wanted…

OMG! Save the Courtyard Stage!
January 2, 2009

Guys! Something awful has happened in the Courtyard! Angry Cloud used his Gummy Gooey Anger Globs to cloud a bunch of people into becoming his Warrior Drones! They got so mad that they destroyed the stage in the Courtyard! I hear that Angry Cloud told them a bunch of lies about how the stage was made out of non-recycled wood! That’s so not true! My dad uses reclaimed wood from other old buildings whenever he can!

The stage is gonna be rebuilt, WITH RECLAIMED WOOD! Dad will tell his construction workers not to tear down any new trees if they can help it. But Angry Cloud is probably looking for more Warrior Drones, so there’s a new Training Mission in play to disguise everyone from Angry Cloud! We’re looking for new disguise ideas to use to confuse Angry Cloud so he doesn’t see who the Idea Seekers and Allies are! The Training Mission flag is in the Courtyard, so go click on it and see what you can do to earn Team Points this week! Hurry! The Planet Status score is at Red Alert!

Month of Joy Formal Wear is in my Care Shop right now!
December 17, 2008

Hey everyone! Because it’s the Month of Joy I thought it’d be cool to put together some fancy formal wear for all the parties people go to during the Month of Joy! Hey, check these out–a couple of them, the Pleethar Diplomat Party Outfits for boys and girls, I put in the store the other week, but the gowns and suits are new this week! Aren’t they pretty?

joy_clothingThey’re in my shop right now so go pick ’em up! lol

I’d love to see Tra in one of the dresses. She’s a bit of a tomboy so she should dress up nice once in a while! lol!

So many clothes for the Month of Gratitude!
November 11, 2008

So far people seem to be liking Toni Tra‘s Mermaid and Merman disguises. That’s awesome! I’m really excited for her! Well, guess what? Later this week Eliza Starz has some clothes making their debut in my clothing shops! She designed outfits for the Month of Gratitude, which my dad King Daveau tells me you people on Earth celebrate as “Thanksgiving.”

Long ago (my dad tells me, anyway!), Explorers from my home planet of Sarillion went searching for life on other planets, but there was an accident and their spaceship crash-landed on an alien Planet! As it turned out, that planet was Machoo, the home of my good friends Spec and Tra! The Machooians brought the stranded Pleethars (those are people from Sarillion) food and supplies and helped them fix their ship so they could get home! The Queen of Sarillion way back then was so grateful that she declared an entire month the “Month of Gratitude,” and so here we are!

Keep an eye out for Eliza Starz’ Month of Gratitude disguises! They’re coming soon, and so are some Gratitude Plant baby t-shirts, and some other fun stuff!

Mermaid Outfits! Because you demanded them!
November 4, 2008

A bunch of you asked for them, and Toni Tra even sent in a drawing of them, so here they come! Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to buy Washi Mermaid and Merman disguises in my clothing stores! Check out how cool they’re gonna look!

Toni Tra's Mermaid Disguises!

The Mer-people that live on Sarillion’s moon, Washi, are a peace-loving people that are currently fighting against the Darkness of Dumbness and his Clouds of Chaos! The Clouds want to spread Cloud Sickness all over the moon of Washi and cause widespread pollution in Washi’s Ocean, which covers the entire moon!

Remember, you can design an Idea Seeker disguise too by going to the Reminder’s Healing Center and clicking on the mannequin! Use the Idea Seeker Disguise Form to design your own disguises and send them to me at! If we use your idea we’ll let everyone know! Thanks again to Toni Tra for the Mermaid Disguises!

Big Closeout Sale Coming at My Halloween Stores!
October 28, 2008

Hey everyone! Halloween’s been a blast but we’re getting close to the end! Friday is the big day, and so, over the weekend, I’m declaring a BIG closeout sale at my Halloween Decorations and Disguises stores! Once the sales are over, the shops will be going away, so grab your Halloween Disguises and Furniture now, before they become rare items!

I’ve got my costume picked out!
October 21, 2008

And OMG, was it almost a huuuuuge headache! First, Tra was nice enough to invite me along to trick-or-treat with her and Spec (who is still stupid for not inviting me himself…good thing he’s got a cool sister like Tra!), but then Tra wanted to wear the same Halloween costume as me! Grrr! You know, they’re MY clothing stores, so I think I should get to pick what I want to wear! Well, we got in a bit of a fight, but then Spec brought out his Humor Plant Baby to remind us that some things aren’t really worth fighting about, so we made up.

Anyway, we’ve got it all figured out now, so I know what my costume’s gonna be! You wanna guess? It’s gonna be pretty cool! Spec better like it…

My Disguise Contest starts tomorrow!
October 15, 2008

I’m so glad that everyone’s been enjoying the new disguises in my Halloween stores! I’ve been seeing witches and knights and vampires all over the place! I’ll bet Angry Cloud is FURIOUS that he can’t tell who’s an Idea Seeker and who isn’t! Hahaha!

To celebrate all the great Halloween disguises that are confusing Angry Cloud, I’m holding a contest for the BEST disguise starting tomorrow! Check your Idea Seeker Home Pages tomorrow for a button that you can sign up with!

I want to get Tra to enter the contest in the Plant Baby Joy disguise. Since she’s a Cloud Hunter, she’s great at disguises already, and I think she needs to wear some more girly outfits sometimes anyway. She’s such a tomboy! OMG, don’t tell her I said that though! Lol!