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Out of school? Make Friends Challenge
June 20, 2012

Hi all.  Check out some of the really great party ideas some of you have added to my last post.  Watch the What’s New on the homepage.  Soon we’ll be doing some of them.  Continue to send me your party ideas – you guys rock.

I have a challenge for you – how many NEW friends can you make at my home planet of Sarillion this summer at  Don’t know how to do this?  Just walk up to someone, check them out by clicking on them.  You’ll see their outfit and get some little picture links you can click on to see their house, their garden, their homepage and to send them an invitation to be your friend.  Also if someone is being rude, you can blow the whistle on them and the Master Idea Seekers will help them with their Cloud Sickness.

If you know alot about my home planet, you can be a tour guide for new people.  You will know who they are – they will have black and white clothes on.

What else do you think we should do to make new people feel welcome on Sarillion?

Your friend,