The Darkness is Attacking

I was coming home last night from a visit to Earth and as my spaceship slowed down to enter the atmosphere of Planet Sarillion I was horrified to see there was no planet!!!!

There was just a big cloud and The Darkness.  I couldn’t believe it, where was my Mom and Dad, my friends, the animals I was taking care of at the Animal Care Center?

If it wasn’t for my good friend Idea Seeker Kita Machoo, I think I would have started crying.  Have you ever had such an unhappy surprise like that?

Well Kita told me to pull it together and not be afraid of the Darkness.  To use my Plant Babies like Hope to get ready to fight back.  We have to pull together and call on all the Idea Seekers.  Stay tuned to my Blog, Youtube and Facebook and send in your stories about fighting the Darkness which makes your stomach twist.

Send me your ideas my friends and I’ll keep you up to speed as to what is happening!!!


6 Responses

  1. Darkness!!! They should just give up!!! We should get Sarillion back, by fighting those clouds, and making a stand! Gluttony! Sloth! Anger! Proud! Jealousy! All of them! We are Idea Seekers!!!!!!!!! Fight them!!! Get them off our Sarillion!!! They have No right! WE ARE IDEA SEEKERS!!

  2. i hope yall defeat the darkness so i can get back on

  3. hey um when is the server comeing back on. so ppl can chat how long are u going to have it down?

  4. Toki Await (Stan Winds) Here,

    I’m here with an update! My studies show the servers were overloaded with Evil Clouds. One case that caused this was one I experienced where people were calling me a hacker and that I was people from other accounts. I told them the truth and some of my friends standed up for me. Then their was a big fight and I logged off because with all the evil clouds overloading the server my friends were being mean to me. I was very sad. When I came back the severs were overloaded and it wouldn’t let me log on. When I got home from school I read the notice as to what happened. When the problem is fixed by our Master Seekers, Royal Family, and Kimma’s friends we should do more Training Missions to prevent a relapse of this situation. To encourage the nation of Kidscom to fix everything I made a poem chant:

    Kidscom Nation Here is my fighting call,
    While all the Clouds are standing sky tall,
    When the Master Seekers come they will all fall!

    It won’t take long to fix won’t be a year,
    Princess Kimma and Friends are all here,
    Idea Seekers and Allies nothing to fear!

    All the clouds are making a big spin,
    Lets show them that their fin(ished),
    At the end Kidscom Nation will WIN!

    I will try to give my support on other websites. Check them out because they will all be different. If any of my friends are reading this I would like to tell them that I am not a Hacker and never share your password with anyone. Remember today’s word is ENCOURAGE!

    Toki Await (Stan Winds) Signing Off!

  5. Toki Posting Here,

    Kidscom is on! I hope my poem helped you guys at Kidscom offices fix your communication servers from the Evil Clouds. Kimma you should get online to welcome people back to Kidscom since the problem was resolved. We all miss you! All you guys log on.

    Toki Signing Off Blog and Signing On KC!

    • Toki it was a great poem. I will be on soon to say thanks to everyone!!!

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