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Fight the Darkness Around You
May 30, 2012

Hi all my friends,

I was really looking forward to Olice Hush’s party today in the Palace.  I got all changed into my new fire dress and then the Darkness hit without any warning.  I couldn’t get out of my room, on my computer screen it said server failed and all sorts of other things happened to mess up our hanging out together.

So, talk to me here and I’ll keep you filled in on what is happening.  We have called some Master Idea Seekers to come to the Planet and they are on their way.  But in the meantime, don’t get frustrated and let Angry Cloud take over your thinking like he tries to do with Tra!!!  I have been with her, when this happens she gets so mad that she wants to punch anything around her!  Yikes, that doesn’t work very well.  I know, I saw her accidently turn around swinging and punch her brother Spec in the stomach!

Thank heavens I know how to be an Idea Seeker Reminder – that’s kind of like a nurse.  I was able to help Spec and get help so Tra didn’t felt so bad.  I called on her Plant Baby Hope who came along at just the right time and told her to not feel bad and not get mad.  She started to calm down right away. 

If I can’t see you on the Planet Sarillion, I’ll keep talking to you here.  You guys are the best, my best best best friends.

Off to check out the situation on Sarillion….







You Did It! We Got Back Our Planet!
May 22, 2012

My friends, you did it.  You worked hard and chased the Darkness away.  Special thanks to my friend Denver and Toki who wrote a really good poem/cheer.   He is right, we have to stop the hacking – no more stealing passwords.

I will be calling a Celebration Party.  Everyone is welcome.  Watch the What’s New column on the homepage for more details.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your friend in the Fight Against the Darkness.


The Darkness is Attacking
May 21, 2012

I was coming home last night from a visit to Earth and as my spaceship slowed down to enter the atmosphere of Planet Sarillion I was horrified to see there was no planet!!!!

There was just a big cloud and The Darkness.  I couldn’t believe it, where was my Mom and Dad, my friends, the animals I was taking care of at the Animal Care Center?

If it wasn’t for my good friend Idea Seeker Kita Machoo, I think I would have started crying.  Have you ever had such an unhappy surprise like that?

Well Kita told me to pull it together and not be afraid of the Darkness.  To use my Plant Babies like Hope to get ready to fight back.  We have to pull together and call on all the Idea Seekers.  Stay tuned to my Blog, Youtube and Facebook and send in your stories about fighting the Darkness which makes your stomach twist.

Send me your ideas my friends and I’ll keep you up to speed as to what is happening!!!