I’m Home!!! Let’s Party!!!

I can’t tell you how great it is to be home.  I soo missed my family and my friends.  Thank you to my friends the Idea Seekers Spec and Tra who came to my rescue on the planet Earth.  And to think I almost got turned into a Warrior Drone by Jealousy Cloud over thinking my best friend Tra was better than I was!  When I say it now, it sounds so stupid, but when the Darkness was trying to convince me that she was popular and I wasn’t and she didn’t care what happened to me, it certainly made me feel bad and I wanted to be mean to her (even though it didn’t feel very good inside).

Ugh, let’s talk about something better!  I hope I never become a Warrior Drone for the Darkness and do the mean and unkind things he says to do.  Have you ever been attacked by a Cloud, I couldn’t believe what happened.  It was like this, I went to Earth to help take care of some animals.  They have had really bad weather with floods and hurricanes and homes being torn apart.  People’s pets can get separated from them and get lost and scared.  Since I love animals so much, naturally I wanted to go help.  Skeeter, Spec and Tra were all with me.  Skeeter was playing the most amazing music.  He thinks that music can help anything, I think he is right do you?  It was working, people were calming down and we started to look around for animals that were lost and looked scared.  Tra was getting help from Spec with a rescue she was doing on her hovercraft – she is really good at flying already but Spec was helping her figure out some new tricks.  The next thing I knew I felt horrible – it was a like a cold clammy hand had me by the neck.  I know Spec is Tra’s brother so it makes sense he was helping her.  But I wanted him to notice me.  And then Skeeter started playing Tra’s favorite song.  The three of them didn’t even know I was there, and I had found three dogs and I needed help so they wouldn’t run away again.  I was calling out for help, but they were all too busy having fun.  I know this sounds stupid, but all of the sudden the Darkness took that opportunity to make me feel sorry for myself.  It seems like I always have to take care of things, or go to lessons and I never get a chance to just hang out and have fun.

Speaking of lessons…..I have to go, I’ll write again soon.  Before I forget Skeeter and Spec think we should have a welcome home party.  What do you think?  What would be fun to do at the party?  Can you give me some ideas?  Where should we have it – the Palace, the Beach, my room?

Your friend, Kimma



80 Responses

  1. can u ever go to kimma room all day cuzi know ur haveing a party there i just wanna know and i sent u a request from ryon melts 13 lives in usa

    • Hi Ryon,

      I’ll try to be there every morning, I just have so many lessons *blah* (I’m homeschooled and they are trying to make up for all the things I missed while I was gone). But I’m going to ask my parents if I could have some free time to just hang out with you guys! When do you usually come to the ISU?

      • I go on usually everyday. Around 4:00-10:00pm Eastern Pacific time.

      • aidfter school on weekdays but on weekends i get up and get right on idea seekers

      • well ill try to be on most of the day but today im on here for the whole day and forgot to tell u tht i sent a friend request to skeeter and spec to can u tell them i sent it. ryon melts ang 13 lives in usa

      • Hi Ryon,

        I told Spec and Skeeter about your friend requests and they were going to accept. Spec told me he likes your red shoes and hopes you get some good oranges from your orange tree. Skeeter is thinking about having lots of Green Smoothies for my party LOL so he says keep growing the oranges! I think that will be funny if everyone is drinking green drinks at the party – I wonder what color our tongues will turn!
        Your friend Kimma.

      • Hi Ryon,

        Skeeter said you haven’t sent him a friend request yet but he will look for one from you and accept it when he sees it. He agrees with Spec, your shoes are stylin’!

        Your friend Kimma

  2. Dear Princess Kimma (Plant Babies and Friends too.)

    The party should be in a new room. A grand opening party of some sort of new room. I think it should be a boardwalk that you can go to through the beach. It should have another restaurant on there and a light-up ferris wheel that we can go into. This would make Kidscom popular! It would be really hard to make but, would be a nice new thing. Glad your back and love the outfit!

    Your Friend,
    Toki Await (Stan Winds is my old account.)

    • Toki,

      What a great idea! There are a lot of places on Sarillion that we haven’t explored yet.

      I like your outfit too!

      Your Friend,


      • Dear Princess Kimma,
        I totally > :) we would have everyone trying to talk to you all at once rather than celebrating. I really like how your the kind of girl who would like to have friends around and have an awesome time together, so I think you would like having your party in the evening with many of your friends! Ask your friends to wear their party dresses!!! :D :D :D :D Oh.. and for virtual party ideas, we could play games or just hang out and talk. Decorate your house party-style!! (Having your party at your house would be good for this.) Are Spec, Tra or Skeeter coming to the party? If so, that would make your party even better!!! I was wondering, since I am an ally now…are allies allowed to send in ideas for clothing or furniture? I was thinking about seding in some awesome furniture or clothing for your party, (which I don’t mind at all doing!!!) I super-hope your party will be a success Kimma!!!!! :D
        Your Friend,
        Aubry Noels.
        (P.S. Do you remember an Idea seeker who’s name was Kara Oak? That’s ME!!!! I’m an ally now……:)

  3. i think u should do it in your room so every one knows where it is

  4. OMG sorry Kimma!!!!!!! I THINK IT CUT OFF some of its text….. Sorry!!! :(

  5. Hello Princess Kimma,

    If your coming on KC please go on after 3:30 Mountain Time when I get home from school. I am making a party outfit and its gonna be good. For my idea for the Welcome Home party the boardwalk you could have a fancy seafood restaurant and a light-up ferriswheel with bright lights. Also for the lights to be effective you could make KC at night more dark so its more realistic. Maybe even a cruise ship on docked on the boardwalk. It would be cool if we could enter the restaurant, Ferris-wheel, and cruise ship (if you make it of course). Can your friend me on Toki because I don’t use Stan anymore.

    Your Friend,
    Toki Await (Stan Winds)

  6. Hiya Kimma!
    My name is Carole Wispy. It’s great to have you back. I am so happy. I am going to throw a party for you. It will be at the Kimma Room. We will celebrate your “Welcome back” party for you. It will be at 3/10/2012 on 5:00 ISU. I hope you come. I can’t wait to meet you in the Idea Seeker Universe!

  7. hey kimma,

    could you meet me at the palace in the gym on march 29 3:45pm (central time)

    your friend,

    jared faxes

  8. I think it would be so cool if we could have something like a mall with walk in stores. We could have a huge party with stuff like fireworks, free items, ride, and all that cool stuff! Also events like a kidscom runway (fashion show), games like ring toss, a balloon popping game, and stands like meet Princess Kimma, meet Riley, meet the guardians, meet Spec, meet Tra and all those famous people. That would be truly AWESOME!

  9. Hey Kimma,
    its Bella Proof here! :D
    i think that you should have all your family and friends come to your party cuz your back home where you belong and just make all the snap foods and just have a big old get together, have a really big awesome party that noone would ever forget the one that everyone will always remember have like a fancy, neon, bright theme or anything that is fun
    Hope that was useful
    Bella Proof :D

  10. Hi, Kimma!
    I am glad to talk to you. I was wondering if we can throw a party in a new place. Like making another place somewhere in Sarillion. I was thinking if we can make it in somewhere in Jardim Forest. You can make a a resort by the waterfall? I tried making a resort in Kapokville. So will you make a resort by the waterfall view? My friends are dying to have that resort. My ideas to make the resort is: make it by the waterfall view, make it in Jardim forest, there should be a pool in resort, there should be a picnic, and the resort should be by the Kapokville because the Idea Seeker House Tours building can be a tour to view rooms that can be hotel rooms. And the game room can be the game room still. And the food powr shop should be a shop where people can shop? Maybe you should build a new place in Sarillion so KidsCom will be more better. Even like what Lacey Cases said. Everyone wants to help me to make the resort but it didn’t work at all. Nobody came. I bacame sad because I always dreamed of getting a resort to make kidsCom a better place to chat. So will you do that for KidsCom? We will have a party there.

  11. I think we should have a fancy dinner where every on will get dressed up fancy come to a fancy place to eat that has a big table for every can sit with nice table cloth & a royal music so it could be really fancy.also we could go dancing after were done eating.our plant babies can eat to & go dancing too.At the end you can get a big cake to eat.

  12. Dear ,Kimma
    welcome back.were have a party at my house 8:30 the 11th .
    love Eleni

  13. Hello and welcome back Princess Kimma

    I think a themed party would be a great idea. We could base it on a fairground with loads of rides that you can go on like a rollercoaster and a ferris wheel, etc. We could have lots of little games as well, such as a coconut shy, splat a rat, etc. I really hope that we have a party like this… I for one, would deffinately be there!

    Your friend,
    Rory Sores :)

  14. put a set of balloons at the entrence

  15. why dont you get a pool and sports room with a built in theater everybody would love it

  16. kimma :

    im starting to think that idea seekers world needs two parks one for ally people and seekers so it can be fair

    ryon melts 13 usa

  17. i can’t wait until the party!i hope all of you guys have fun.CLOUD SICKNESS FREE!

    P.S. Kimma you are AWESOME!

  18. kimma : just wanna know if u still hiding at the zoo cuz i saw the video on you tube and i was just wandring if you were realy there

    ryon melts

  19. I can’t wait until the party!I hope everybody has fun.CLOUD SICKNESS FREE!

    P.S. Kimma you are nice and generous.

  20. kimma; u was not at the party now people think it was a lie when are u coming

    ryon melts

  21. kimma;
    im on in afternoone on sundy but prob tomarrow all day and on friday all day sometims on week days[cuz got alot of homework] anyway just want u to see when the good timw for u to get on Isu

    ryon melts 13 lives in usa

  22. kimma;

    i sent the friend request to seeter can u plz tell him i sent it

    ryon melts age 13 lives in usa

  23. Dear princess,

    Ruffie -March 13,2012 at 7:77 pm

  24. I think we should do it somewhere fun, like where there’s a restraunt with food and games that people can eat in there and play games and just hang out, make new friends,etc. because then people would want to go onto Kidscom.com
    a fun place and could become popular.
    Clorissa Molas

  25. Hiya Kim, :(
    I’ve heard people went to the Foyer Saturday at 3/10/2012. Some say there is going to bea party for you. They said Skeeter will be there, the Queen, the King, Skeeter, Riley, Spec, and Tra are going to be there. And you didn’t come at that point. Everyone started blaming me. Even my friends. Maybe you can come somehwhere at the Royal Palace to make everyone happy. Can we?

  26. Princess Kimma You Should Plan The Party On June 9

  27. Dear princess,

  28. i think its tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long

  29. I think we should ask like we are not going to throw a party then we should make her go shopping for us then we throw a party and surpise her

  30. Hey Kim Kim,

    I got a new idea! Have you heard of the Town Square on the old KC. Well I have been to it and it is amazing. You should open it up to everyone on the new KC. The party can be there. I just need you to do this for me and your people in the Kingdom. We need a place to meet and have parties epically the upcoming party. It won’t be much work because the room is already made just need to have a portal to it. Please do this idea! My ideas never get picked. :[ I have been playing for 5 Years. Please let me have my chance.

    Toki Await (Stan Winds)

  31. Your highness, Princess Kimma

    I am very glad you came back and WELCOME HOME!
    Well, the party.. I think it should be in somewhere fun, not the beach, I suggest. Because beach, mostly people always go there every time so I supposed how about you do it in your room or the palace. I prefer palace though, because it is more easy to find, with bigger space for many people and beautiful landscape.

    Well here are the ideas of what to do in the party:

    1. watch movie (can be a horror or funny one)
    2. play games
    3. talk, about everyone,taking turns to say about their challenge, jokes..
    4. eat plenty of things made by people in Snaptastic Kitchen
    5. share secrets
    6. tell everyone to dress in a particular way you like, Halloween or Christmas or Easter….
    7.listen to music and play musical instruments

  32. our music could be any kind of music.wat about tell something i don’t know or
    TTYLXOX and SOMETHING TO DANCE FOR mash up.anything that can be

  33. Hi Princess Kimma,
    A party sounds great. Easter is on its way, why not a easter themed?
    Saint Patricks Day is today, why not go green for longer, everyone would make a great leprecuan. Hehe.
    Have it at the Palace Foyer that way we can have a stand up comedian, and most people can sit down. Cant wait to see u around.
    Ur no.1 fan. Vala Dulia

  34. Princess Kimma,
    I think we should have a party at my house .I have a really good amount of room.
    Im an ideal seeker.
    Answer soon please.
    Emme Planti

  35. Hey Kimma! I think you should hold it near lots of animals, outdoors, and my personal favorite as a scribe, books! You should be able to wear outfits if you want, but if you want to dress normaly like Riley and I do, you should.

  36. Hey Kimma! Welcome Back! I’m Reina Mists. For the party I think we should do perhaps neon colors? Bright colors or something! A large party bash, with tons of people. Perhaps in a location that alot of people visit, so that everyone will know where it is and will be able to attend! The party should be really creative, quirky, and colorful! :) But, thats just my opinon :P

  37. Hi Princess Kimma,

    I think,that we should have the party at Kimma Room,because lots of people have met you there many times,and it is very known.
    I think we should put some party balloons up,and some tables with cake and food on it.
    And maybe some decorations? For example: Streamers on the wall,flowers and picture of you on the wall and maybe people could line up at a table and pretend to get an autograph from you?
    Thanks Kimma! Please reply soon,and see what you think! Bye! :D

  38. I think that everybody should wear bright coloured clothing and nice accecories, nice hair and all that. The party should be held in the palace. That should be GRAND!!

  39. Hi i am Flanna Tame

    Why don’t you have rocking party

  40. hi kimma im soren i am glad that u came back in welcome home party i think u should have a party at my house it will be ur pleasure answer soon plz soren

  41. hi i am new i just want to say i love this web sight

  42. Ur number one rule should be to have some awesomely fun. :)\
    ur best and newest pal,
    Joyann Genet

  43. Princess Kimma,
    For the party, we could have a potluck were everyone could bring food that they made. Also, everyone should walk with their favorite plant baby, because they will want to party, too!

  44. great can i come i have ideas hide and seak ummm..and definet simon says or change it to kimma says

  45. totally have it at the beach in the summer

  46. I think you should have a party planet which could only be open for events. There can be new games there too.

  47. i think you should have it at the palace because thats where you live.

  48. cool you should have a super party invite me

  49. Pin the tail on the dragon.Or you could play cricket or bascketball.You could have a moonlit disco and hire a dj!before the party get all your girl friends and have a pamper session.Thats how to have a great and fun party!!!

  50. Hi Princess Kimma,
    Me again Vala. just wanna say parties r awesome cant wait to see the theme!!!

  51. Hi again kimma
    when do u normally come online :)
    Plus I think the beach could be decorated at bit in a way cuz it gets
    a bit boring.

    from radar cyclone

    • Radar great idea. We are so busy fighting the Darkness right now as he is trying to mess up our Planet that we haven’t had time to do anything fun! But this will pass I know with help from all of you. Let me know Radar what you think we should do to decorate it!

  52. i love parties

  53. You should be creative! Make some new stuff like fireworks, or signs that say… whatever you want it to say! maybe even towels lol party stuff or more places to go, like party place or something! I hope you c this Kimma :D

  54. We should make a party rope to swing on! And a moon!

  55. hi princess kimma,i suggest you should keep your party in a restaurant where people can eat and have lots of fun,and play games…i want to be your friend but i am new here so i do not know how to send you a friend request…have a marvellous party…..

  56. hey does anyone know how to send a friend request to anybody? i am new here…plz help me

    • Diya, when we get back on the planet, you can click on someone when you see them and up will pop their card. Then on their card there is a button you can click on and they will get a friend request from you. You can choose your friend button the bottom right, and when it pops up there will be a place where you can accept the friend requests.

      Hope this helps! Your friend in The Fight Against the Darkness!

  57. hi kimma

    an idea for the party, allies could be able to do stuff that ideaseekers can.

  58. Hi Princess Kimma
    It’s Reyna nasty im just asking am I invited and where will it be.
    Can’t wait to see the theme!!!!!!!

  59. do you need help with your party cause i am good with awesome partys

    • Yes I do, please help, please help!!!!


    • Great ideas. Ogo what is your kidscom name so I will recognize you when I see you on Planet Sarillion?

  61. i think you should invite all the banned people and we should party at your place!i love you so much princess kimma and this would would be nice

    • Thanks Zoe, I would have to be sure that non of the banned kids were still infected with Cloud Sickness. We have to help each other not get taken over by Angry Cloud or Greedy Cloud or any of the other helpers of the Darkness. But I always love to have parties at my house…..thanks for the idea!

  62. i could help if you need some.

    • Thanks so so much – who are you?

      Best, Kimma

  63. hey if you ned any help just let me know wazukasacks

    • Thank you. I love to get help from friends. Can you resend me your Ally name so I make sure to know where is the start of your first name and the start of your second name? Then I can find you better on Planet Sarillion! I look forward to your answer and your help.

      Thank you! Your friend Kimma

  64. Hey this is duro ( i am a girl ) i think you should let the non members come and be at the party because its not fair for them not being able to come !! :)

    • Hi Duro,

      I think you are right. We need to make sure that everyone is valued and not let the Darkness make anyone think they are better than anyone else. I think it is ok to have parties just for friends that you know, but there should also be parties for everyone to come to and make new friends. Thanks for your ideas and send me a message when you are ready to help me host a party. I will come to it!

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