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Great Party Ideas – How to Fight the Clouds
March 19, 2012

You guys must give a lot of parties because you all have really good ideas!  I can hardly wait to see what Spec and Skeeter choose to do for the celebration party!

Tra and Skeeter and I hung out on Friday with some of you.  It was so great to see everyone. I was expecting Spec would show up but then he sent me a message saying he had been flying back to Sarillion and he saw a string of Warrior Drones being sent to Machoo his home planet.  They were frozen by Greedy Cloud.

It is so horrible what the Darkness does – he clouds people to do what he wants.  Have you seen that happen on Earth?  Someone you like – your best friend or your sister or your Dad go from being really nice to being angry or snobby or greedy.  It’s like they become a different person and you don’t know why.  And if you don’t look out, you begin to be unhappy or sad or mean and then you become infected with cloud sickness too.

Like the other day I was hanging out with Tra and we were having a good time.  I was showing her how to frost a cake and decorate it.  I LOVE to cook and I am so excited about getting a big feast together for the party.  This was her first time frosting a cake and we were laughing because she got frosting on her nose. The bag that had the frosting in it backfired and pink frosting came out and landed right on her face.  She looked really silly using her tongue to try lick off the frosting.  Well all of the sudden she went from laughing to saying to me, “Kimma, it isn’t so funny and don’t laugh at me.  You always look so good and I don’t.  No matter what I do I always end up looking awful and I make a mess of myself.  I didn’t use to care but now it is awful because it always seems like I look stupid right when Skeeter is around.”  Then she stamped her foot, threw down the pastry bag and ran out of the kitchen down to her Hovercraft.  I was really surprised.  I wasn’t laughing at her and I never think she looks bad.  She just looks rumpled sometimes because she works out so much and fights the Clouds.  But I never said she looked awful.  I was just about to start feeling bad myself because she had run away and I have so little time to hang out with friends because of all that I have to do around the Palace, but then my Patience Plant Baby spoke up.

He said, “Kimma, hold on there.  Don’t start feeling bad yourself.  Tra isn’t mad at you.  Did you notice the Cloud mist around her?  I think she has been attached by Jealousy Cloud.”

I went to the window and looked down where Tra was getting her Hovercraft ready.  He was right!  I could see the green mist around her.  I knew right away what I had to do.  I wasn’t going to get sucked into the Cloud mist and I was going to get rid of it around her.  I went running downstairs to catch up with her and brought along my Humor Plant Baby.  We both did silly things – I pretended to run into the wall and knock myself out and Humor PB slid down the bannister and went flying past her outside until he was stopped by a tree branch which caused him then to spin around and around the branch.  I guess the two of us looked pretty messed up and Tra went from frowning to laughing so hard she had to sit down on the ground.

“Ah ha,” I called out.  “Now who looks messed up and stupid?” and I weaved left and right and pretended to fall right into her arms!  “Try that next time Skeeter is around and see if he cares what you look like!”  I gave her a big wink and she blushed, now I knew for sure what the real issue was.  She has a crush on Skeeter and she is afraid he won’t like her!

Oh, I have to go, but I’ll tell you more about Spec and the Warrior Drones soon!

Do you know anyone who has been infected by Cloud Sickness and have you been able to get them out of their mist?


I’m Home!!! Let’s Party!!!
March 6, 2012

I can’t tell you how great it is to be home.  I soo missed my family and my friends.  Thank you to my friends the Idea Seekers Spec and Tra who came to my rescue on the planet Earth.  And to think I almost got turned into a Warrior Drone by Jealousy Cloud over thinking my best friend Tra was better than I was!  When I say it now, it sounds so stupid, but when the Darkness was trying to convince me that she was popular and I wasn’t and she didn’t care what happened to me, it certainly made me feel bad and I wanted to be mean to her (even though it didn’t feel very good inside).

Ugh, let’s talk about something better!  I hope I never become a Warrior Drone for the Darkness and do the mean and unkind things he says to do.  Have you ever been attacked by a Cloud, I couldn’t believe what happened.  It was like this, I went to Earth to help take care of some animals.  They have had really bad weather with floods and hurricanes and homes being torn apart.  People’s pets can get separated from them and get lost and scared.  Since I love animals so much, naturally I wanted to go help.  Skeeter, Spec and Tra were all with me.  Skeeter was playing the most amazing music.  He thinks that music can help anything, I think he is right do you?  It was working, people were calming down and we started to look around for animals that were lost and looked scared.  Tra was getting help from Spec with a rescue she was doing on her hovercraft – she is really good at flying already but Spec was helping her figure out some new tricks.  The next thing I knew I felt horrible – it was a like a cold clammy hand had me by the neck.  I know Spec is Tra’s brother so it makes sense he was helping her.  But I wanted him to notice me.  And then Skeeter started playing Tra’s favorite song.  The three of them didn’t even know I was there, and I had found three dogs and I needed help so they wouldn’t run away again.  I was calling out for help, but they were all too busy having fun.  I know this sounds stupid, but all of the sudden the Darkness took that opportunity to make me feel sorry for myself.  It seems like I always have to take care of things, or go to lessons and I never get a chance to just hang out and have fun.

Speaking of lessons…..I have to go, I’ll write again soon.  Before I forget Skeeter and Spec think we should have a welcome home party.  What do you think?  What would be fun to do at the party?  Can you give me some ideas?  Where should we have it – the Palace, the Beach, my room?

Your friend, Kimma