Valentine’s Day is coming!

I am so nervous about Valentine’s Day.  I haven’t ever done this before until I visited Earth and my friend Skeeter told me about it.  Should I give Spec a Valentine that is special and tells him how cute I think he is or should I give all my friends a Valentine that is the same – even him?  Tell me what you think I should do!!!!
My Humor Plant Baby said I should think about giving out gifts to other people for my Birthday.  I really like to cook, I wonder if I should make cookies in the shape of hearts? 
Come to my room and if I see you I’ll give you a gift!

5 Responses

  1. girl just give him a card! who cares wat kind of card!! just give him a card so he knows u at least care about him!

  2. kewl

  3. who is spec? but spec prob likes u back cuz ur princess kimma

  4. Well……………………whatever you give him I’m sure he’ll love it….

  5. I think that you should do something really special for him and also make something for everybody else too you should suprise him for valentine day

    Thank You for letting me reply


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