My Dog Rescue

Dog rescued from a box

Rescued dog

How can people be so mean to helpless animals?  While visiting my friends on Earth over Thanksgiving, I was taking a walk and Tra and I saw a dog abandoned in a box in the cold.  She had finished nursing her puppies and so the people who owned her just turned her out in the cold without anything.  She was shivering from the cold and was starving.  She didn’t even have water to drink.  The policemen had tried to catch her because they didn’t think she would be able to last in the cold being as thin as she was.  She was so scared that she wouldn’t let anyone near her – poor thing.

She is safe now in our friend Skeeter’s house and she is getting food and a warm place to sleep and lots of love.  I was so sad to learn from the Animal Care Center that they see a lot of animals who have been thrown away as if they didn’t even matter.  And some people do things to hurt them like drag them behind bikes, put cigarettes out on them or tie them up and never bring them food or water.  How can people do that?????  What do you think we can do to help more animals?  Please write me your ideas or tell me when you see me on the planet Sarrillion on

We named the dog we rescued Lucky Penny, because even though the people didn’t think she was even worth a penny, she has turned out to be a very lucky penny.  This is the 3rd day since we rescued her and she is already showing that she is a very nice dog!

What do you think we should do to help animals where you live? 


7 Responses

  1. whoa………kool tht dog is lucky… thts real mean to abandon a helpless animal a helpless animal can not live with out u…so jump in and join the move to help these adorable and loveing and also helpless animals…….jump in and make a diff………..
    your friend on kidscom,
    thomas array

  2. Poor little doggy ]:

  3. Poor little puppy! It’s a good thing you saved him!!! Lucky Penny is a very lucky penny!! Did you find him on heads!??! Haha! Jk!

  4. um how do i be a team leader on a team? <3///

  5. hi kimma im new and im a idea seeker can you come on saturday because i need help! i thought i saw your mom and dad come on saturdAY K

  6. that dog is soo cute in a way.its so thoughtful of u to rescue a dog like that.i rescued one too about a year ago shes a chuihaua

  7. I hate to hear stoies about people abusing dogs. I just dont like bullies. and if you are abusing a animal you are a bully

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