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Whoa – what happened
October 9, 2010

Hi guys,  I don’t know what happened to all of my recent messages, I am guessing that the Clouds were at their nasty work again – stealing!  So I am going to write more and you write me back ok?

Well I just got back from one of my favorite little planets, planet Earth.  I was in a city in the United States called Chicago.  There is a really cool place there that is  called the Gary Comer Youth Center, it is also a school.  They have a garden on the roof and kids get to walk in it and help grow fruits and vegetables there.  How cool is that.   Some of the kids sent me a message telling me to come see for myself so I did.   I will add pictures here soon.  Write me if you have a garden or cool place you would like me to come visit.

Has anyone seen Spec?  He is so cute!!!!  He said he is going to help me decorate my garden for Halloween.  That is something that they do every year and they call it Trick or Treating.  Kids wear costumes and then go house to house, rign the doorbell and then say “Trick or Treat” and the people give them a treat like candy or a box of raisins.   WOW, isn’t that neat?

Well bye for now – I have to go get decorations for my house and garden and find a Halloween costume that I can wear. 

I hope to see you soon in the ISU.

Your friend,

Princess Kimma