Proud Cloud is on the attack!

Hey guys. I’m typing this from my hiding spot in the WowWee Alive Care Center on Washi. Proud Cloud has been all over Sarillion turning Idea Seekers and Allies into his Warrior Drones. I’m really worried because he’s been having a lot of success.

See, I started hiding here becuse I realized that all these cute animals needed to be fed while most of the Idea Seekers are distracted with fighting back against Proud Cloud. He’s been very clever! Not only does he have all his Warrior Drones saying stuff like “we’re too important to take the time to feed stupid animals, blah blah blah,” but when the Idea Seekers are spending all their time fighting his Warrior Drones, the animals don’t get fed either! He’s an evil genius!

So, here I am hiding out from Proud Cloud and taking care of the animals by myself. It’s ok–they’re super cute and great company! But you guys should still try to take some time to help care for them too. Check out the video I made for’s YouTube account and see how you can help fight Proud Cloud this week! And hurry! Tra and Spec stopped by to visit me and Spec had been turned into a Warrior Drone without us noticing! Fortunately our Hope and Humor Plant Babies helped us clear his mind, but who knows who else could get clouded next?


6 Responses

  1. I’m Proud of Proud Cloud

  2. Proud cloud’s on the move oh gees louise

  3. eLVIS :I WON’T TELL THE VICIOUS PURPLE THINGY A.K.A. PROUD CLOUD A WORD ABOUT THIS I AM LOYAL !!! WHO’S WITH ME?(REPLY AND LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ELVIS MOORS SIGNING OFF) (not really)

  4. Wow!Iwish i could help you Kimma!But im banned :(. Can you help me?I want to know how to get kidskash.And i rly want to be an idea seeker.Also, is there fashion game on here?If so,please tell me!One time i did a handstand under water.It was awesome.It didnt last long though…lolz.:P.Ya know,if i was a idea seeker, i be awesome to my friends.

    yours truely(im a bad speller sometimes!:P)

    Charlette Wove(my accout,my real name is Samantha!:D)

  5. Hey Kimma :)

    Can you join my team called Laurita and Morell I would really like that!

    :) :) :) :) :) (: (: (: (: (:

  6. your awesome kimma i don’t see you on though :(

    I hope i will though :)

    Love ,
    Morell Hawk

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