Lili Chews’ Hotel Tour!

Wow, check it out! Another great video from an Idea Seeker! Lili Chews made a video showing all the cool things she did with her House! If you’re wondering what to do with yours, maybe this will give you some ideas! Check it out:

Lili Chews’ video tour of her House


2 Responses

  1. jee.that must be hard for you Kimma.but still,TRYING TO STEAL PASSWORDS????!!!! HES GONE TO FAR!THATS STUPID!!!and now im a IDEA SEEKER!whoohoo.still wondering about the fashons game……

  2. Who tries stealing passwords anyways…I didn’t see the video yet…well now I’m gonna find it!!!
    Your homie,
    Mayo Camps
    I <3 yall (not strangers tho)

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