Hope Plant Baby Club Started

Hi Everyone!  My friends Aimee Lula, Meadow Lili, Jennea Karoo, Liza Rapid and Madie Dize are starting a Hope Plant Baby Club.  That is because we think the world needs more Hope!  When you feel bad or you think things are going wrong, just feed your Hope Plant Baby so she can walk with you and share messages of hope.  Today I felt sad about some animals that got hurt by kids being mean to them.  One boy put a rubber band around a ktten’s foot so tight that it cut off  all blood to her foot.  My friends at the animal shelter had to do surgery on the kitten’s foot.  First I wanted to get mad at the kids but then I realized it was only Angry Cloud trying to cloud be.  I think kids do mean stuff sometimes because someone is mean to them.  We have to stop the spread of Angry Cloud sickness causing people do to mean things.  So we are starting this Hope Plant Baby club to encourage kids to share hope.  If you leave me a message on my Blog here with your Idea Seeker name  – I will give you a gift for your Hope Plant baby or show me your Hope plant baby when I am in the Idea Seeker Universe and I’ll gift you when I see you!

Never give up and be good to all living things!


26 Responses

  1. I have seen bad kids like Frank whale calling people name, Calling bad words and more things. I think its bad for an ally to see a seeker behaving badly because the ally wanna be a seeker too, but now they think being a seeker is lame because they swear and they behave badly and hack other people.. if you agree with me then tell the guardian what do you think! You can also get 100,000 points each day if you say hi to everyone! you can get more then 100,000 points if you behave nicely!

    Have fun! Never give up and dont swear!

    • Thanks for letting us know that some seekers have been clouded into being warrior drones for the Darkness. Don’t forget to let a monitor know if you see bad behavior by using the whistle at the bottom right hand side of the page in the circle of buttons. And let me know on my homepage and I’ll ask my friends the Guardians to help as well.

      Play smart, stay safe and have fun!!!!!!

    • well i think that swearing is bad and that people should be nice and not get angry cloud i think we should all keep a clear mind forgive and forget and help others out it will make our communityso much better we all need to help out

      We should work together!!! And be NICE!!! And DONT SWEAR!!! And NEVER, NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!!

    • hey i just wrote a big big story thing to you maybe read it down below i hope you injoy reading it! it is cool take your time !

    • i am going to go with you i am am not at home now i am trying to go on kidscom.com but it cant so i will try when i get home but um yea people should not swear even the leaders and make it be a great game! to play on and make it feel write for the new people and trust me i dont like getting called bad names to even bye my brother in real LIFE!!!!!!! yea so i am with you hey by the way try and find me i am in the red crane team i am melanie kite paige knew or carla ranch so many acounts !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Believe in yourself!Trust yourself! People can be sad of many things, Like if someone died, they’ll cry too. Cheer them up! Your the one to be a helper! On this following week their will be a contest, Who ever wins get 600,000 points! I hope you win!

    • hey i am melanie i am with you clayAngeliawe should believe our selfs and trusth our selfs you are write people can be sad when ever if the are hurt if some o.ne hurt there feelings any time any where it is ok to cry no matter what trusth your self and believe your self and um this was ages ago you sent this message are you on kidscom.com acouse i am lets talk more offten clay i am melanie kite carla ranch or paife knew i would love to meet you we can become best friens or even chat on here i cant wait to see you or meet you or talk to you we have the same feelings and thoughts plz reply clay if you want to find my name i am sarah beth see ya!

  3. how do you join ?

    • Hi Julia, you can join and become an ally by just coming to my friends site at http://www.kidscom.com If you want to lead a team and become a seeker, you can join at the top of the page. We are trying to save animals and save the planet from the Darkness of Dumbness and the Clouds he sends to people that make them do bad or mean things. We all have to work together and use our Plant Babies to make the world a better place. See you soon I hope.

  4. Hey Kimma I understand what your saying.There was these two girls named Katlin and Lenni they were sisters.They were mean to me and my friend Jane.So one day we came up to them and started being mean.But after that I realized that the Angry Cloud got into us.So when I got home I called my friend Jane and told her what I realized.So we got on Kidscom and I sent her a hope plant baby and we read it and never let the Angry Cloud get to us again!

    *Love Gabby*

  5. hi i have no friends please help me get some! :(


    • hey you can be my friend okay my name is taffee camp what do you want to do

  6. Hi kimma thanks for making this club its really great because we get to help the animals.People are not behaving right they are saying bad language and everything!Idea seekers are worse they are saying hurtful things to!

  7. kimma can i talk with you at the park or at my house love juan doomy

  8. Hello everyone,

    This is Princess Kimma. It’s very nice to talk to everybody. As you know, we have been having some wonderful guest over in planet Sarillion. I am just saying that everyone can look in their root ‘n’ reward messages. I gave each and every one of you 1000 vp’s for treating them nicely. Thank you all!

    -Princess Kimma

  9. its a great club

    • you cant see people it is very not cool you dont get to talk straight away! very weired but apart from that i LOVE this club chating cool as
      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yea and look out from me
      i am melanie kite ,or carla ranch, or paige knew, look at we can meet on kidscom,com bye

  10. hello

  11. Yeah I know how you feel.It happens sometimes.

  12. I am really proud of my team for coming 2nd in the training mission contest and am proud of every member and i also congratulate every1 else for trying really hard and doing there best. I did animal adventure and kimmas jungle quest and i have been picking up rubbish and just today i started a club called the MAKE A DIFFERENCE CLUB. I lost all the members but i am gonna find new members and we will save animals and the environment! Kimma plz support our club i am trying hard to make a difference and i donated 900 VP’s to help heidi the dog to survive.

    • my team now i am melanie kite carla ranch and um yea paige knew i am now in the red gose kind of thig we came first we had a meeting and it all came true we are FIRST NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hi i wana be part of the club for hope becaues my plant baby is hope please can i be part of the club please.

  14. hi hope is all arund moshi monster so join it is fun

  15. To Kimma,

    I have a patience. Could you give a gift for patience

    i think…
    it is kind of cool not better then this meet new friends,maybe ok meeting not cool and show of people way out of cool out of the cool circle so plz tell me how you feel about this site (like it) (hate it) (beyond hate it)tell me what ever you think and write your name if you are on kidscom.com i might be able to meet you bye!

  17. hi kimma my idea seeker name is julia ring and i was hoping u would send me a gift for my hope plant baby plz plz plz with a cherry on top

    love from julia ring

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