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Tweeting and YouTubing
June 30, 2009

Hey guys! My friends at have started up accounts on YouTube and Twitter! Follow @ideaseekers on Twitter for tips, tricks, and things going on in the Idea Seeker Universe, and send a friend request or subscribe to OfficialKidsCom over on YouTube!

A lot of you have been making videos about your adventures on Sarillion, and we love them! We’ve started a playlist on YouTube for all our favorite idea Seeker- and Ally-made videos, so when you make a new one, send us a message on YouTube and we’ll add it to our playlist! It has to be nice though–nothing bad! Also, it’s important that you get your parents’ permission or have them help you while you’re playing on YouTube. My father, King Daveau, wants videos that show Idea Seekers and Allies working to fight the Darkness and the Clouds by making use of the Essence of Good within themselves!

Hope to see you out on the magical interwebs! Lol!


I’m Coming to Visit Teams at Your Team Meetings
June 15, 2009

My Father King Daveau has asked if I would meet with all of the team leaders and find out what they are doing to fight the Darkness and save our animals.  I’ll be looking at your posts, but also send me a meeting request if you are a team leader and I’ll try to come visit.  Also watch for me in my room in the palace  because I’ll be working on my blog as we get ready to start our Hope Plant Baby Club.   Take your Hope Plant Baby for a shampoo and hairstyle at my friend Electra’s Faithful Friends Corner.  Have your Hope Plant Baby out (you will need to have them powered up) and walk with you up to the wash tub and styling table and see how she jumps in!!!!  It is soooo cute.

We all need a little Hope if we are going to make the world a better place!  Don’t give up, we can do it all working together!!!!

Hope Plant Baby Club Started
June 7, 2009

Hi Everyone!  My friends Aimee Lula, Meadow Lili, Jennea Karoo, Liza Rapid and Madie Dize are starting a Hope Plant Baby Club.  That is because we think the world needs more Hope!  When you feel bad or you think things are going wrong, just feed your Hope Plant Baby so she can walk with you and share messages of hope.  Today I felt sad about some animals that got hurt by kids being mean to them.  One boy put a rubber band around a ktten’s foot so tight that it cut off  all blood to her foot.  My friends at the animal shelter had to do surgery on the kitten’s foot.  First I wanted to get mad at the kids but then I realized it was only Angry Cloud trying to cloud be.  I think kids do mean stuff sometimes because someone is mean to them.  We have to stop the spread of Angry Cloud sickness causing people do to mean things.  So we are starting this Hope Plant Baby club to encourage kids to share hope.  If you leave me a message on my Blog here with your Idea Seeker name  – I will give you a gift for your Hope Plant baby or show me your Hope plant baby when I am in the Idea Seeker Universe and I’ll gift you when I see you!

Never give up and be good to all living things!