OMG! Tra can be such a pig!

So I was hanging out with Spec the other day (yay!) and he was telling me all about how he and his sister Tra went to Kapokville to have a cookout and when they got there, all these Idea Seekers were already grilling and had this HUGE spread put together! Zador hot dogs, Super Burgers, the works! And I guess Tra just freaked out and started eating everything she could find! Lol! She usually doesn’t think before doing things (that’s why she needs TWO Patience Plant Babies!), but wow, Gluttony Cloud really did a number on her that time!

According to Spec, Gluttony Cloud’s been hanging out in Kapokville a lot ever since the weather on Sarillion started getting nicer. Yay, Spring is here! But watch out for that Gluttony Cloud…he wants everyone to overeat and get fat, and to do it while eating food that’s not grown locally and trucked in from long distances using all kinds of fossil fuels! Not good! Keep your Balance Plant Babies powered up!


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  1. i know i am bored bored bored n2m to do so yea in school right now so yea thx ttyl agian a person!!!q

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