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Exciting News – I’ve Got Visitors Coming
May 31, 2009

On my last trip to Earth I met up with some really cool people doing stuff to save the planet.  They are going to come visit us here on Planet Sarillion – leave me a suggestion on my blog where you think we should take them like the Beach or the Waterfall or the Deck or ????  And Spec is going to be back visiting from Machoo – I have asked my Plant Baby Hope to make sure I don’t say anything stupid in front of him on Tuesday!!!!!  Have you ever embarrassed yourself in front of someone you thought was really cute?


I Don’t Get My Parents
May 21, 2009

I know my parents want the best for me and I do really love them, but sometimes they drive me crazy!  I mean just today I’m waiting outside for my fencing lesson to begin and Spec comes along and says hello.  I think he is really cute and I don’t know if he notices me or not, but my Father comes outside and says, “Well Spec, do you have girls as pretty as my daughter on your planet of Machoo?” 

Honestly, I could have just died.  How could my Father have said such a thing?????

Spec was so nice, he just winked at me and said to my Father, “King Daveau,  at risk of making Princess Kimma blush, I have to say that her beauty is talked about across the Idea Seeker Universe.  It is not just the way she looks outside, but it is her beauty inside — her kindness to animals, her constant fight against the Clouds that would make people mean and her helpful unclouding of people who have become warrior drones for the Darkness by bullying and name calling of others.  Her actions are what makes her someone you want to be around.”

OMG, can you believe he said that?  He is sooooo cute.

I don’t think my Father even heard because his next question was about Spec’s hovercraft and then they walked away together to go look at it.  Men!    Does anyone else’s Father say or do things that embarass them or is it only me?

OMG! Tra can be such a pig!
May 12, 2009

So I was hanging out with Spec the other day (yay!) and he was telling me all about how he and his sister Tra went to Kapokville to have a cookout and when they got there, all these Idea Seekers were already grilling and had this HUGE spread put together! Zador hot dogs, Super Burgers, the works! And I guess Tra just freaked out and started eating everything she could find! Lol! She usually doesn’t think before doing things (that’s why she needs TWO Patience Plant Babies!), but wow, Gluttony Cloud really did a number on her that time!

According to Spec, Gluttony Cloud’s been hanging out in Kapokville a lot ever since the weather on Sarillion started getting nicer. Yay, Spring is here! But watch out for that Gluttony Cloud…he wants everyone to overeat and get fat, and to do it while eating food that’s not grown locally and trucked in from long distances using all kinds of fossil fuels! Not good! Keep your Balance Plant Babies powered up!