I got my room back to normal…

…and it was a bit of work, but whew! All done. Thanks to everyone who came to the Valentine’s Day party over the weekend! That mean Proud Cloud and Jealousy Cloud tried to ruin it, but everyone kept their Plant Babies powered up and that kept everything running smoothly! Yay! It was a lot of fun.

My dad, King Daveau, tells me Proud Cloud’s still creeping around trying to cause trouble, though. Good thing he’s got a Training Mission set up to fight back against him this week! Last time I checked…hmm, let’s see…oh hey! Team Green Panda Bear currently has the most Team Points! Way to go guys! Keep it up and 10,000 Virtual Points will be yours! Hee, you could spend it all on clothes in my clothing shops if you wanted…


7 Responses

  1. hi

    can we be bff plz meet u at the BEACH


  2. hi

  3. what are you doing

  4. what is your name

  5. how old are you

  6. Hi I just wanted to know will u be my friend

  7. Dear Friends, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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