Give a Valentine’s Day gift to the animals!

Whew! Since the Waterfall’s algae bloom went away thanks to everyone’s help (way to clean up all the trash in the Waterfall, gang!), I’ve moved on to another important project. My friends Skeeter and Riley tell me that on Earth, Valentine’s Day is coming up, which I guess is a holiday where everyone give everyone else sweets and acts all friends to each other and stuff. Well, I thought that sounded really nice, so I thought i’d try to get all the Idea Seekers to give a Valentine’s Day present to Sarillion’s animals!

The Fountain of Giving in front of the Palace is set to raise Virtual Points for some animals that need help from the Idea Seekers and Allies! There have already been a ton of donations, which is just super! Boy, the Idea Seekers and Allies sure do respond when animals need their help. Anyway, go check it out, and if we hit our goal, I’m going to throw a party in my room for Valentine’s Day weekend! Oh gosh, you think Spec would go with me? I’m too shy to ask!


2 Responses

  1. Hey girl i just wanted to say hi and my name is chayse gaskill and i wanted to know if i could sign up for free on like iseekeper thang and all that and shopping you know yhat stuff well if you get the chance type back ok well bye and happy valintin$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$………

  2. Princess Kimma I think youre right we should think of the animals infact, we should save the animals!

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