Sloth Cloud Attack!

Spec and I were in the Waterfall cleaning up the recyclable trash when we ran into our pal, Riley the talking dog! He wasn’t helping with the cleanup affort, though–he was lounging next to the water and dipping his feet into the algae bloom! EEEW!

My Persistence Plant Baby walked up to Riley and whispered in his ear. “Riley, girls love dogs, but not after they’ve been wading in the muck!” He snapped right out of it and started picking up trash with us! Suddenly we heard a loud “Aw, MAN!” and it was Sloth Cloud!

“Jeez, why do I even bother clouding people if a stupid Plant Baby’s gonna talk sense into them? This is too much work!” Our efforts are working, everyone! When Sloth Cloud starts to out-lazy himself, we know we’re on the right track!

I guess we know what gets Riley motivated to fight the Clouds now!


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