Fight Sloth Cloud and the Algae Bloom!

OMG! As soon as my dad and his workers get the Palace Courtyard Stage fixed, what does Sloth Cloud do? He clouds all the worker’s brains into taking all the trash made from working on the stage and not disposing of it properly! A bunch of it ended up in the Waterfall, and the algae in the water fed off it, and now there’s a huge algae bloom in one of the Waterfalls! The Idea Seeker prophets had to close it off because they said it wasn’t safe to swim in because it’s all slimy and gross!

*sigh* There’s trash all over the Waterfall now! Fortunately, a lot of it is recyclable. If you walk over to a piece of it to pick it up, a hoverboard will appear with a recycling bin on it, waiting for you to toss the recycling right in there! (Dumonde helped to design them based on Spec and Tra‘s hoverboards! Isn’t he smart?)


Each piece of recyclable trash you pick up nets you 10 team points for the Training Mission too! Let’s go!


2 Responses

  1. And party and party.

  2. I really think this was a good idea! Atleast kids have more fun recycling all over Kidscom! I really thank the creators of this new recycling thing! Love it!

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