I’m trying not to be mad at Angry Cloud.

Because the Courtyard Stage is destroyed, we can’t do any shows or concerts or anything! I’m so mad at Angry Cloud, because it’s his Warrior Drones that did this! But my Hope Plant Baby always reminds me that Angry Cloud WANTS us to be mad, so then I try not to be. My Hope Plant Baby reminds me that we should look for the good things that may come out of it. One good thing is that everyone is trying to help fix it. When it happened on Friday everyone was trying to get everyone else together to try to fix the stage, which was really great. This tragedy has really brought a lot of us together!

My dad, the King, says that we will build it again and make it even better.Until then we have to keep Angry Cloud distracted and away from the stage! Be sure you all check out the Training Mission to see how my dad thinks we can do that. Then we can all play on the stage again when it’s fixed!


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  1. Why can’t you be mad at an angry cloud?

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