OMG! Save the Courtyard Stage!

Guys! Something awful has happened in the Courtyard! Angry Cloud used his Gummy Gooey Anger Globs to cloud a bunch of people into becoming his Warrior Drones! They got so mad that they destroyed the stage in the Courtyard! I hear that Angry Cloud told them a bunch of lies about how the stage was made out of non-recycled wood! That’s so not true! My dad uses reclaimed wood from other old buildings whenever he can!

The stage is gonna be rebuilt, WITH RECLAIMED WOOD! Dad will tell his construction workers not to tear down any new trees if they can help it. But Angry Cloud is probably looking for more Warrior Drones, so there’s a new Training Mission in play to disguise everyone from Angry Cloud! We’re looking for new disguise ideas to use to confuse Angry Cloud so he doesn’t see who the Idea Seekers and Allies are! The Training Mission flag is in the Courtyard, so go click on it and see what you can do to earn Team Points this week! Hurry! The Planet Status score is at Red Alert!


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