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Sloth Cloud Attack!
January 21, 2009

Spec and I were in the Waterfall cleaning up the recyclable trash when we ran into our pal, Riley the talking dog! He wasn’t helping with the cleanup affort, though–he was lounging next to the water and dipping his feet into the algae bloom! EEEW!

My Persistence Plant Baby walked up to Riley and whispered in his ear. “Riley, girls love dogs, but not after they’ve been wading in the muck!” He snapped right out of it and started picking up trash with us! Suddenly we heard a loud “Aw, MAN!” and it was Sloth Cloud!

“Jeez, why do I even bother clouding people if a stupid Plant Baby’s gonna talk sense into them? This is too much work!” Our efforts are working, everyone! When Sloth Cloud starts to out-lazy himself, we know we’re on the right track!

I guess we know what gets Riley motivated to fight the Clouds now!


Fight Sloth Cloud and the Algae Bloom!
January 19, 2009

OMG! As soon as my dad and his workers get the Palace Courtyard Stage fixed, what does Sloth Cloud do? He clouds all the worker’s brains into taking all the trash made from working on the stage and not disposing of it properly! A bunch of it ended up in the Waterfall, and the algae in the water fed off it, and now there’s a huge algae bloom in one of the Waterfalls! The Idea Seeker prophets had to close it off because they said it wasn’t safe to swim in because it’s all slimy and gross!

*sigh* There’s trash all over the Waterfall now! Fortunately, a lot of it is recyclable. If you walk over to a piece of it to pick it up, a hoverboard will appear with a recycling bin on it, waiting for you to toss the recycling right in there! (Dumonde helped to design them based on Spec and Tra‘s hoverboards! Isn’t he smart?)


Each piece of recyclable trash you pick up nets you 10 team points for the Training Mission too! Let’s go!

More Courtyard updates!
January 8, 2009

So Dad had some of his workers put a sign up by the Courtyard Stage letting people know that it’s under construction and is gonna be repaired with reclaimed wood. But there are still Angry Cloud Warrior Drones out there telling people that the sign is a lie! Grrr! My friends and I keep trying to uncloud as many as we can, but it’s really hard to do it when they’re making you just as mad as they are!

That’s why we’ve been keeping our Hope Plant Babies powered up, though. “Things are always darkest before the dawn,” my Plant Baby reminds me, and that keeps my spirits up.

I wonder what the new stage will look like? What do you think?

I’m trying not to be mad at Angry Cloud.
January 6, 2009

Because the Courtyard Stage is destroyed, we can’t do any shows or concerts or anything! I’m so mad at Angry Cloud, because it’s his Warrior Drones that did this! But my Hope Plant Baby always reminds me that Angry Cloud WANTS us to be mad, so then I try not to be. My Hope Plant Baby reminds me that we should look for the good things that may come out of it. One good thing is that everyone is trying to help fix it. When it happened on Friday everyone was trying to get everyone else together to try to fix the stage, which was really great. This tragedy has really brought a lot of us together!

My dad, the King, says that we will build it again and make it even better.Until then we have to keep Angry Cloud distracted and away from the stage! Be sure you all check out the Training Mission to see how my dad thinks we can do that. Then we can all play on the stage again when it’s fixed!

OMG! Save the Courtyard Stage!
January 2, 2009

Guys! Something awful has happened in the Courtyard! Angry Cloud used his Gummy Gooey Anger Globs to cloud a bunch of people into becoming his Warrior Drones! They got so mad that they destroyed the stage in the Courtyard! I hear that Angry Cloud told them a bunch of lies about how the stage was made out of non-recycled wood! That’s so not true! My dad uses reclaimed wood from other old buildings whenever he can!

The stage is gonna be rebuilt, WITH RECLAIMED WOOD! Dad will tell his construction workers not to tear down any new trees if they can help it. But Angry Cloud is probably looking for more Warrior Drones, so there’s a new Training Mission in play to disguise everyone from Angry Cloud! We’re looking for new disguise ideas to use to confuse Angry Cloud so he doesn’t see who the Idea Seekers and Allies are! The Training Mission flag is in the Courtyard, so go click on it and see what you can do to earn Team Points this week! Hurry! The Planet Status score is at Red Alert!