Month of Joy Formal Wear is in my Care Shop right now!

Hey everyone! Because it’s the Month of Joy I thought it’d be cool to put together some fancy formal wear for all the parties people go to during the Month of Joy! Hey, check these out–a couple of them, the Pleethar Diplomat Party Outfits for boys and girls, I put in the store the other week, but the gowns and suits are new this week! Aren’t they pretty?

joy_clothingThey’re in my shop right now so go pick ’em up! lol

I’d love to see Tra in one of the dresses. She’s a bit of a tomboy so she should dress up nice once in a while! lol!


6 Responses

  1. hey how do make shops?please reply back as soon as this message goes thru.

  2. i need different dress for me

  3. the outfits are realy nice

  4. how do you look at the out fits but the ones i have seen so far are ok. they are nice sort of.

  5. hello.

  6. omg princess kimma, lol, well maybe i do kinda look like a tomboy… (i like wearing shorts and t-shirts lol, dunno y, i like looking cool and simple) but i wore those dresses before, they look pretty lol, i tink ill start making more clothes, what kind of clothes should i make lol, o and im at the philippines now, im no longer in canada, waaah.. lol, and i nvr talked 2u 4 a long time lol, so how ru lol, anywayz ill cya soon!!

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