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Month of Joy Formal Wear is in my Care Shop right now!
December 17, 2008

Hey everyone! Because it’s the Month of Joy I thought it’d be cool to put together some fancy formal wear for all the parties people go to during the Month of Joy! Hey, check these out–a couple of them, the Pleethar Diplomat Party Outfits for boys and girls, I put in the store the other week, but the gowns and suits are new this week! Aren’t they pretty?

joy_clothingThey’re in my shop right now so go pick ’em up! lol

I’d love to see Tra in one of the dresses. She’s a bit of a tomboy so she should dress up nice once in a while! lol!


Hey! It’s the Month of Joy!
December 9, 2008

So the Gratitude Feast went really well! When I asked Spec what he thought of the dinner I made for him, he had a whole mouthful and couldn’t say anything, but he grinned at me! And he was so happy, he was crying! At least, I think it was because he was happy. Lol!

Anyway! Now it’s the Month of Joy and I’m just as excited! All the furniture shops on Sarillion are going to start selling wintery Holiday-type furniture decorations for our Houses! I’m going to buy a bunch of lights and some plastic Polar Bears and Penguins. Earth has such cute animals! I guess they go on sale tomorrow? So I guess we can start buying them then!

Oh, and guess what you guys? My daddy, King Daveau, told me that since there are so many new Teams being formed right now that he had to have new Team Symbols made! He sent me a picture of them, so I’m gonna give you a little preview! Aren’t they cool? Can you guess what animals they all are?New Team Animal Symbols!