So many clothes for the Month of Gratitude!

So far people seem to be liking Toni Tra‘s Mermaid and Merman disguises. That’s awesome! I’m really excited for her! Well, guess what? Later this week Eliza Starz has some clothes making their debut in my clothing shops! She designed outfits for the Month of Gratitude, which my dad King Daveau tells me you people on Earth celebrate as “Thanksgiving.”

Long ago (my dad tells me, anyway!), Explorers from my home planet of Sarillion went searching for life on other planets, but there was an accident and their spaceship crash-landed on an alien Planet! As it turned out, that planet was Machoo, the home of my good friends Spec and Tra! The Machooians brought the stranded Pleethars (those are people from Sarillion) food and supplies and helped them fix their ship so they could get home! The Queen of Sarillion way back then was so grateful that she declared an entire month the “Month of Gratitude,” and so here we are!

Keep an eye out for Eliza Starz’ Month of Gratitude disguises! They’re coming soon, and so are some Gratitude Plant baby t-shirts, and some other fun stuff!


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  1. cool! lol i hope its going to be nice eliza! everyone will probably like it! :)

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