Mermaid Outfits! Because you demanded them!

A bunch of you asked for them, and Toni Tra even sent in a drawing of them, so here they come! Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to buy Washi Mermaid and Merman disguises in my clothing stores! Check out how cool they’re gonna look!

Toni Tra's Mermaid Disguises!

The Mer-people that live on Sarillion’s moon, Washi, are a peace-loving people that are currently fighting against the Darkness of Dumbness and his Clouds of Chaos! The Clouds want to spread Cloud Sickness all over the moon of Washi and cause widespread pollution in Washi’s Ocean, which covers the entire moon!

Remember, you can design an Idea Seeker disguise too by going to the Reminder’s Healing Center and clicking on the mannequin! Use the Idea Seeker Disguise Form to design your own disguises and send them to me at! If we use your idea we’ll let everyone know! Thanks again to Toni Tra for the Mermaid Disguises!


5 Responses

  1. omg princess kimma, thx for puttin that there! cant wait to try it on! thx!!!

  2. Dear toni, Hey!!! Cool designe!!!! it looks awsome!

  3. thx emmy

  4. its preety but can u give me only one please i like the long hair one


  5. nice and sweet can u give me one plz?

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