Super Snack Cheat!

Trick or Treating’s been a lot of fun so far! I look pretty awesome in my angel costume, and Spec and Tra are both vampires! Pretty crazy! There’s a few more days left of Trick or Treating, so maybe i’ll see you out there?

Oh! I wanted to tell you about this crazy trick I discovered while I was making a Super Snack! You know Super Snacks, right? Those food items like Veggie Salad of Reason or Meditation Bread that power up your Plant Baby all the way? Well, I used to get really frustrated looking for the ingredients for the Sensible Soup (the Super Snack I get to make as a Reminder) because I’d go someplace like the fridge in the Restaurant and it would give me, like, the Pineapple of Peace or something I can’t use! And then I couldn’t check back until the next day!

But! I found out that you can just click the ‘x’ in the top corner of the window that pops up with your Super Snack ingredient if it’s not one that you need, and then click on the fridge or snack hut again! And you can keep doing that until you get whatever you need! Now I can make a Super Snack every day and keep my Plant Babies super happy! Give it a try!


8 Responses

  1. that is rly smart thx i always get pinapple of peace but now i can get what i need!!

  2. I knew that already!

  3. nice one

  4. hw do u become a ghost ?

  5. huh?
    i really don’t get this!
    anyway, if u see Doni Peace or Lili Meant, that’s me!
    Donna =)

    • hiiiiiii wen u come on xxx


  7. thx kimma 4 helpin me

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