I’ve got my costume picked out!

And OMG, was it almost a huuuuuge headache! First, Tra was nice enough to invite me along to trick-or-treat with her and Spec (who is still stupid for not inviting me himself…good thing he’s got a cool sister like Tra!), but then Tra wanted to wear the same Halloween costume as me! Grrr! You know, they’re MY clothing stores, so I think I should get to pick what I want to wear! Well, we got in a bit of a fight, but then Spec brought out his Humor Plant Baby to remind us that some things aren’t really worth fighting about, so we made up.

Anyway, we’ve got it all figured out now, so I know what my costume’s gonna be! You wanna guess? It’s gonna be pretty cool! Spec better like it…


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  1. plz plz can i have it

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