My Disguise Contest starts tomorrow!

I’m so glad that everyone’s been enjoying the new disguises in my Halloween stores! I’ve been seeing witches and knights and vampires all over the place! I’ll bet Angry Cloud is FURIOUS that he can’t tell who’s an Idea Seeker and who isn’t! Hahaha!

To celebrate all the great Halloween disguises that are confusing Angry Cloud, I’m holding a contest for the BEST disguise starting tomorrow! Check your Idea Seeker Home Pages tomorrow for a button that you can sign up with!

I want to get Tra to enter the contest in the Plant Baby Joy disguise. Since she’s a Cloud Hunter, she’s great at disguises already, and I think she needs to wear some more girly outfits sometimes anyway. She’s such a tomboy! OMG, don’t tell her I said that though! Lol!


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