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Big Closeout Sale Coming at My Halloween Stores!
October 28, 2008

Hey everyone! Halloween’s been a blast but we’re getting close to the end! Friday is the big day, and so, over the weekend, I’m declaring a BIG closeout sale at my Halloween Decorations and Disguises stores! Once the sales are over, the shops will be going away, so grab your Halloween Disguises and Furniture now, before they become rare items!


Super Snack Cheat!
October 27, 2008

Trick or Treating’s been a lot of fun so far! I look pretty awesome in my angel costume, and Spec and Tra are both vampires! Pretty crazy! There’s a few more days left of Trick or Treating, so maybe i’ll see you out there?

Oh! I wanted to tell you about this crazy trick I discovered while I was making a Super Snack! You know Super Snacks, right? Those food items like Veggie Salad of Reason or Meditation Bread that power up your Plant Baby all the way? Well, I used to get really frustrated looking for the ingredients for the Sensible Soup (the Super Snack I get to make as a Reminder) because I’d go someplace like the fridge in the Restaurant and it would give me, like, the Pineapple of Peace or something I can’t use! And then I couldn’t check back until the next day!

But! I found out that you can just click the ‘x’ in the top corner of the window that pops up with your Super Snack ingredient if it’s not one that you need, and then click on the fridge or snack hut again! And you can keep doing that until you get whatever you need! Now I can make a Super Snack every day and keep my Plant Babies super happy! Give it a try!

The Toolbar is really cool!
October 24, 2008

I just downloaded this KidsCom Toolbar and it’s so cool! It’s got a search window and online radio and a bunch of links that keep me one click away from Sarillion wherever I go on the internet! Mom and Dad were a little weird about it at first, but when they saw that there was no spyware or viruses or whatever it is that makes grown-ups so paranoid (I mean, really! Like I’m going to put anything bad on their computer!), they were cool with it. And actually when my mom saw that you can shop with it she started using it too! Ha! See Mom, I know what I’m doing! Sometimes! Lol!

I’ve got my costume picked out!
October 21, 2008

And OMG, was it almost a huuuuuge headache! First, Tra was nice enough to invite me along to trick-or-treat with her and Spec (who is still stupid for not inviting me himself…good thing he’s got a cool sister like Tra!), but then Tra wanted to wear the same Halloween costume as me! Grrr! You know, they’re MY clothing stores, so I think I should get to pick what I want to wear! Well, we got in a bit of a fight, but then Spec brought out his Humor Plant Baby to remind us that some things aren’t really worth fighting about, so we made up.

Anyway, we’ve got it all figured out now, so I know what my costume’s gonna be! You wanna guess? It’s gonna be pretty cool! Spec better like it…

Trick-or-treating is coming up…
October 17, 2008

…and no one has asked me if I want to go along with them yet! Can you believe it? I have a great costume picked out and I have a bag ready for my treats, but a certain SOMEONE (who will go nameless, but his name starts with an ‘S’ and rhymes with ‘neck’) hasn’t asked if I want to go with him yet! Grr! What should I do?

Trick-or-treating on Sarillion is gonna be really fun this year, btw—you’ll be able to put a bowl in your house and invite your friends to come get a treat out of it! Be sure to decorate your House so it’s all creepy and scary! I just hope I won’t be stopping by your place all by myself…

My Disguise Contest starts tomorrow!
October 15, 2008

I’m so glad that everyone’s been enjoying the new disguises in my Halloween stores! I’ve been seeing witches and knights and vampires all over the place! I’ll bet Angry Cloud is FURIOUS that he can’t tell who’s an Idea Seeker and who isn’t! Hahaha!

To celebrate all the great Halloween disguises that are confusing Angry Cloud, I’m holding a contest for the BEST disguise starting tomorrow! Check your Idea Seeker Home Pages tomorrow for a button that you can sign up with!

I want to get Tra to enter the contest in the Plant Baby Joy disguise. Since she’s a Cloud Hunter, she’s great at disguises already, and I think she needs to wear some more girly outfits sometimes anyway. She’s such a tomboy! OMG, don’t tell her I said that though! Lol!