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Sloth Cloud got to Spec today!
September 24, 2008

I’ve been working on the sandbag wall all week with Spec and Tra, but today Spec wouldn’t lift a finger to help! “It’s useless,” he said. “Every time we almost get it totally built, the waters knock it over again! There’s just no point in trying. I’m heading back to Machoo.”

Tra and I couldn’t figure out why Spec suddenly was acting like such a quitter! Then my Persistence Plant Baby spoke up. “Sounds like someone’s had a visit from Sloth Cloud!” Of course! We ran after Spec and promised him a batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies if he kept helping. For some reason he started laughing and said “well, then at least we’d have something to wedge into the holes between the bags! Thanks for making me laugh, Kimma. That chased Sloth Cloud away for sure!”

I don’t get it. What was so funny? I really would have baked him some cookies. I love baking!


Help stop the Flood!
September 22, 2008

As soon as I found out about the flooding on the Manabel Island Beach, I hopped on the first transport pod I could find to take me there! I just spent all weekend trying to earn sandbags to put on the wall that the Idea Seekers and Allies are building. Have you been helping too?

As a Reminder, one of my jobs is to help people recover from Cloud Sickness if they’ve been turned into a Warrior Drone by one of the Clouds of Chaos. That no-good Sloth Cloud was out in full force this weekend! There were so many clouded Idea Seekers and Allies telling people that there was no point in building the wall! I almost spent as much time trying to cure clouded people as I spent with the Sandbag Stacker.

The Beach is still flooded and we need your help! I’m heading back there right now!

I want to link to your Blog!
September 18, 2008

Hey Idea Seekers and Allies! Do you have a blog about Post a comment here and let me know about it! I’ll totally link you to my blog. I hope you link me to yours too!

Check out my Halloween disguise ideas!
September 18, 2008

OMG, I had been so busy with decorating my Sarillion Snow room that I forgot that Halloween was coming up on Earth! Last year Skeeter and Riley taught me all about Halloween and I got so excited that I asked my dad, King Daveau, to make it a Holiday on Sarillion! He turned it into a celebration for Reminders and the disguises they’re so good at making, as well as the Cloud Hunters that wear them.

I’m pretty good at designing clothes too, though! I’m a Reminder after all. I’m thinking of bringing back last year’s costumes for everyone to buy in my care shop, and I’m designing some new ones too! Check ’em out! Do you like them? Leave a comment! I especially want to know what you think of my Joy and Persistence Plant Baby costumes. I designed an Earth knight and lady vampire too.

Do you like the football/soccer jerseys? They were designed by my friend Grace Humble!

I’m getting my Theme Room ready for the contest
September 10, 2008

So I’m decorating my Sarillion Snow Room with green furniture and stuff for the “Theme Rooms go Green” contest and I can’t decide whether I should put any plants in it or not. I mean, it’s a snow room, right? So maybe a victory garden doesn’t make sense. But they’re great for the environment! If I grow my own vegetables I don’t have to ask my parents’ servants to drive to the market for them.

Spec decided to decorate his Plant Baby Greenhouse with a victory garden. I guess that makes more sense. He’s really smart.

The contest is tomorrow. I guess I should go get decorating!

My first post!
September 5, 2008

Hi everyone! So my parents, King Daveau and Queen Keyara, finally let me have my own blog! I’m looking forward to sharing all sorts of information with you about what’s coming up on Planet Sarillion and as we work to fight the Darkness, his Clouds of Chaos, and the Climate Crisis they are trying to cause on our world! Keep checking back for updates!

This is so exciting!